Billy the Kid Vs Beater Bomb at Battle at the Ozarks No prep (crash)


  1. God damnit. That sucks. John Doc and Matt say,,, its not a matter of "If", it's a matter of "When" a wreck will happen. It does happen. Glad Billy is safe! I swear to God unless the car had an injector hang open and hydro Locke a cylinder a would be pissed. If that engine spun a rod on its own,I would look to the engine itself. The car only had something like 12 passes on it…??

  2. Billy had the race won…bb rolled through the light….I have herd the Nova had a rod let loss..I'm not sure about that….he is ok..but the Nova not so much…..looks to be just fenders and bumper..maybe a few other parts….I will bet he is feeling pretty depressed right now……kids been lucky for a long time….. first time I have seen him wreck….

  3. Street race channel Billy's channel
    Gen 2 garage Tommy and his girls channel
    And old mans garage their dad bills Channel are all great content.
    Heard he kicked a rod thru the block and oiled down his tires, also think this was Billy's first crash which leads me to believe he mat have oiled down

  4. My heart aches for Billy!! Damn!!!!!! He just got that Nova right! I respect the Hoskinson's so much, every one of them are caring people, that's a rarity these days! They give & give…never once have I heard them being selfish about anything! Billy handled himself great, if that were me I'd be sitting by the car crying my eye's out!!! Hopefully the damage is minimal and he can straighten it all out in time for Dig or Die! Knowing Billy, he'll be turning wrenches, cussing the whole time, but he'll fix it! Main thing being…Billy is ok & not hurt or worse! The Car is twisted steal & he's got the sex appeal!! ✌😂

  5. Glad there are no injuries. A car can be rebuilt. Lot a hard work went into that car. For how you handled your coverage you gained a follower.

  6. Hey man I’ve been watching you for awhile now and bully and his family … I like both channels… and it was really cool man how you didn’t want to spoil his videos that show a lot of respect as a person and for them … keep it up and stay safe I. Your travels man I’ll keep watching as usually …

  7. Been there done that with my 69 Nova hood even flipped up hitting wall at about 75mph. Cost me $3,500 to repair in 2013. I still have the pinched nerve in my neck to remember it by. Hang in there Billy.

  8. Buddy you just wrecked the hundred thousand dollar car that you just busted your ass building and just getting started to race it you'd be a little upset and wouldn't want to talk to any damn body so get over yourself

  9. I just wanna say mad props to you for respecting there hustle as well not many people would do that , they just posted a video about that too so bad ass my dude I subscribed to you just for that

  10. Had never seen your channel before, but just subscribed. You could have flipped that inside knowledge for clicks but chose not too. That's the kind of honor / personal accountability we could use more of. Thank you.

  11. Billy put his heart and soul into that car. I'm glad he's okay, but I feel so bad for him and his family. SRC will rebound and be in the winners circle with the Nova!

  12. Much RESPECT for letting Billy tell the story only he knows what really happened. Been watching the family for along while now. Really nice people, down to earth.

  13. I am so sorry to see this happening to Billy, especially since he just got this going. It is always too bad for any racer out there. I think it is a good time to also mention that these cars need Hans devices installed and drivers have to use them. JMHO but I wish the race track owners would get together and start enforcing this idea.

  14. LMFAO fucking youtubers doing youtuber shit and then getting sucked off in the comments by couch slouches. beaterbomb all day all night.

  15. You have a another sub just for the way you spoke of Billy and his family and for the respect you gave his channel when it comes to the details. You are awesome for that. Looking forward to your content.

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