Mickey Thompson introduces new arsenal of options for No Prep Racing surfaces

We’re proud to announce three new versions of our of ET Drag tires designed to outshine the competition on tracks that present less than ideal preparation conditions. Drawing inspiration from our renowned 28.0/10.5-15 size, these groundbreaking additions to the ET Drag tire family seamlessly fuse our time-honored ET Drag race technology with specifically tailored compounds optimized to dominate even the most challenging track surfaces.

The new ET Drag will come in three distinct versions, each strategically designed to cater to specific performance demands and vehicle characteristics, providing an unmatched racing experience across varying track scenarios.

Tailored for light vehicles, our soft compound variant assists in navigating unforgiving surfaces with finesse, defying the odds with an unparalleled edge.

Mid-weight vehicles racing on semi-difficult track conditions will find their tire companion in the slightly harder compound iteration. Engineered with precision, this tire is designed to deliver harmonious balance of grip and control, helping racers to surge ahead with confidence, even when faced with formidable challenges.

As for the heavyweights seeking to push the boundaries of performance on the most uncompromising tracks, we have a stiffer sidewall variant, empowering drivers to unleash their vehicle’s full potential.

Our new ET Drag tire innovations help turn daring track conquests into reality. Unrivaled performance, and unmatched versatility allows drivers to race with confidence no matter the surface.


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