DeLorean Alpha5 REVEAL! | MotorTrend #shorts

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  1. Aside from the gull wings and the louvred back window, that doesn’t look like a DMC-12. That’s what people wanted, something with the lines and style of the DMC-12, but modernized and not actually a mediocre car. This thing is generic, and could easily be something from GM or Kia. Unless it’s truly a great car now, it’s failed to capture my interest and judging by the comments, not too many others are actually that excited about it either, and are just here for the BttF lols. Back to lusting after one of the DMC restomods…. Nothing really to see here.

  2. Rear end looks absolutely amazing, wheels are ugly and the front end looks a bit boring. So close to having one of the best looking cars ever produced.

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