“State of Drag” – DI #158 | NHRA Returns | John Force Racing Absence | Ep. 25 | The Wes Buck Show

Wes breaks down the upcoming issue of Drag Illustrated featuring the magazine’s annual “State of Drag” prospectus, NHRA returning to action in Indianapolis following a four-month shutdown due to COVID-19, the news that John Force Racing would not be participating and what happens next with one of the biggest names the sport has ever known and much more.


  1. Did you know they paid 1.1 million in a bracket race last week. I can’t believe it didn’t get any coverage I don’t care if you don’t like bracket racing or not. Steve Sisko won 1.1 million on a Saturday night drag racing that deserves to be talked about then drove a different car to win 100k on Sunday.

  2. Great show. I am from the Dallas/Ft Worth area. XRP is THE place to be these days. The track prep is awesome. Everyone wants to race there. From no prep, to radials, to regular slicks, the track is always there.

  3. I dont have time to watch all this. Can someone give me the short version of why Force is absent from Indy? They have a shop in Indy! Does John have covid?

  4. Hard to believe how bad this weekend July 18 & 19 was without JFR…..or even a mention of JF, Ashley, R. H., A.P. et all, I get it, its been tuff (very expensive) going for JFR with 2 fully equipped headquarters & hundreds of employees scattered between Cali & Indy!! So even with correct TF, FC, PRO MOD, TF HARLEY format it sucked to the extreme….nobody even cares that finals will have to wait 3 weeks …what a joke.,.they all have 3 weeks to prep for finals round??? Hows that gonna work?? How many prep passes before final race????

  5. I have sit here listen to you about your take on drag racing, now here is mine !
    I have been watching drag racing from the 60's and the older generation is what made this sport. When the nhra cut the track from 1320 to 1000. Ft long drag racing was dome to be a lost sport.
    That the reason you want all of them now to be young, because they don't have the b#### to live on the edge like the silver hair legends did. O it might not be safe let's make more rules ,it's starting to be like the government is running. The show.

  6. I know I am catching up on episodes, but some of your previous shows spoke more about what needs to happen with the NHRA and I don't see it happening. Street Outlaws became a hit because people got to know the drivers and their character. This created drama and rivalries within the show and it captured the audience. Rivalry games in sports are some of the most anticipated games of the season. NHRA needs to add character or nobody is going to care.

  7. Just got into nhra drag racing today went to nationals in Indy with some buddy’s on a whim.
    I’ve always heard speed kills… it makes me feel ALIVE

  8. Also moved to Texas 6 years ago from PA and I think the Texas pride thing is silly. Love it here and never want to leave but ain't never gonna wear a Texas flag themed anything.

  9. Nicest 1/8th mike track in the world is GAHLOT in NORTHCAROLINA heated and cold track and the facility is sub par to none track is always on kill !! they built that place like a new nhra track

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