Rally Car Racing – Subaru STI Rally Car Explained

The 2015 Subaru STI rally car build for Rally America features some unique engineering to optimize the car for rally racing. In this video we’ll be checking out rally cars and the engineering behind them, as I was invited by Subaru to check out the Oregon Trail Rally, where David Higgins and Craig Drew participated in their brand new 2015 Subaru STI rally car. I had the opportunity to speak with team engineer Jonathan Carey, who provided insight on this year’s vehicle. The vehicle is built by Vermont SportsCar.

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  1. The anti-lag system does not inject air into the exhaust but detonates fuel to keep the turbo spinning ….

  2. Which rally does Subaru compete in now? Haven't seen them in WRC for a while. Anyone know if we will see Subaru in WRC in the near future?

  3. Im building a rally/baja car, and want to put the cat at the exhaust tip, like in the video…. is it dangerous to daily drive it like that? because of the eat and chanses to cough on fire? because Ive seen them and they glow red… thanks… any information would be apreciated.

  4. Seems that nearly whole car is different from stock STI. Things like exhaust restrictor and super expensive struts are well known. But there are special sub frames, suspension arms and housings and nearly whole body enforcement not only with roll cage but with some inner enforcers (actually do not know how to call in English cylindrical parts placed in the spars). There is not much information about this in the internet.

  5. Can you tell me if they make the wheels wells deeper too? I'm a little confused by how the suspension is set up. Thanks everyone!

  6. Makes me proud to be an owner of a 15 sti. I'm wanting to get into racing, and then rally soon. Thank you so much for all your videos they are all great and very educational. The thing I appreciate most is you always prove thing with tests or explanations. Thanks!

  7. Please can you do a video on rally setups. E.g. how much negative camber? any toe? damper settings? etc etc Would be AMAZING

  8. laminar flow uses the cross sectional area with an exponent of 4 as part of the formula. So any small increase in radius is actually increased to the 4th power. That is why what appears to be a small difference in diameter is actually a much larger difference.

  9. Oh no I love this channel but I dont know how much research was done tbh bc the wide body is for aerodynamics and if u brake a piece of the wide body you will lose seconds and the tired tread pattern the outside angled tread is for when you get sideways that treads act like the straight tread pattern it keeps grip as u turn. Again not bashing the channel but research helps b4 u post stuff…

  10. This is a really well prepared and well delivered primer on the subject. Watching rally cars on YouTube shall be a richer experience after seeing your video. Great job! Riches in your future….

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