1. That red light blinking in ur face doesn't bother u going that fast it looks like it would be annoying while ur going 200+ mph lol much love bro go win this chip

  2. Take those first two round wins and you got this season win man!! Best of luck at the race and drive safe and go win that NPK season 4 for all of 405 supporters!! Rooting for all the drivers tk help you out this weekend!! Go get it fireball Camaro!!!

  3. I gotta agree with a lot of these comments in here. Video quality has stepped up. Ive never been to a track so just being able to see more of it in your video's is pretty cool.
    You and your team are doing great and im sure you agree Ryan you'd like to keep it that way haha…
    God bless you, your family and team as God commands his Angels to keep you safe.

  4. Guarantee this weekend the other too 3 besides Ryan are gonna get free callouts. So all Ryan has to do is take one from Chuck or Murder Nova and he wins the season. If they wanna do that bull crap him and the 405 can too

  5. My first time watching you on You Tube. I've been watching on Discovery for years. You and all your competitors rock. I'll watch some more.

  6. Take a call out from a 405hell you know Kelly would you have to take it we know that you can win but what happens if you break and get out ran you guys have worked hard for it don't let it slide through your hands

  7. Ryan, glad you found a better videographer than the 1st young guy(Colton). Might have had best of intentions, but didn't help you to increase your fan base or following.

  8. I wish you the Best, but I don't see that big block Chevy, putting a procharged Hemi on the trailer. Good Car for Street racing but not against them 3,500 plus horsepower Hemi Engine. Chuck small block Chevy Mustang can't compete.

  9. I don't think the final race should be double points. #2 – #4 in points have done well this season, but Ryan has been GREAT. They shouldn't have a hail mary chance at the end.

  10. If he did except a call out from a 405er I would be surprised but I definitely wouldn't call it a chicken shit way to win. He put in the work the whole season to be where he's at.

  11. Beardmore Ontario Canada sending its love and respect. To repeat as a back to back champ and really you should be up for your 4th in a row really as the NP King. It is because you and your team are real Pros. Go get em guys. Show these folks where the bear shits in the buck wheat

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