Turbo LS Engine Exhaust Fabrication | SMASHED Downpipe Repairs on The Nova

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Back in RFG Rob decides to rebuild the driver side downpipe after running into the new location of the steering shaft. He tried beating the pipe into shape, and it worked, but Rob’s 1974 Chevrolet Nova is no sh*t bucket, and as such proper care had to be taken in modifying the exhaust. The turbo downpipe proves to be hard to install and remove from the car, but that is also improved after modifications. The steering rack is a fresh part of the car, and the exhaust had been built around the old factory steering box setup. Once Rob gets the pipe into position he can begin test fitting pieces of pipe and planning his attack. Once the rough angles are decided he tack welds it together and begins final fitting. Once welded up and re installed in the car the fit is great and the mission accomplished.

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  1. Nice! Good to see Mike on the carb rebuild as well. Missed you lads! Frieberger kinda suckin' on it these days. Those guys lost me with shoddy work on big bucks… speed boats… I ask ya! lol

  2. looks like a clearanced exhaust pipe to me. 🤣 overboard on the hammering, just needed a large pipe expander to push it back out some.
    a small smooth radiused edge bump wont effect the flow much at that large of diameter pipe with the volume you're flowing. if it was a heavy liquid instead of air, maybe.

  3. I noticed you are running braided fuel lines. Mine were run the same Way as my car. This last summer the line ruptured, fuel everywhere I was lucky it didn't start on fire. When I took system apart the hose was all brittle had to replace it all

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