The End of Fastest In America and The Start of America’s List – Street Race Talk Episode 279


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  1. Another great video. Even my wife likes the street raçe talk shirt. Took the van out last night. The issue with the Nitrous showed up again on the second pass. But on the street tune it went 8.2 and on the race tune till the nitrous turned off it pulled up the front tires. Turned out the feed line is like 11 years old. A guy told me you should replace it after 5 years. The line is bad . Up graded lines going in.

  2. Hey sim dude it's super awesome that chief and Jackie are part of aim Nation that says alot . The shows are freaking awesome I thought the top 5 would've been a little different but hey there's no ducks here just some awesome racing and I'm soaking up like a sponge as always sim keep up the great work let's go ttve👍👍💯💯

  3. Is Kye kelly running a small block on the street?
    He didn't seem as confident as he normal is on the street?
    The show and your show are smashing it! 👍👍🔥👑

  4. I like America's List, but chuck Sightseer shouldn't be there, lizzy musi shouldn't, jerry bitds promod, what about black sheep mafia guys?

  5. Also Sim you should have brought up the fact that Jackie reads all of the comments and responds to anyone’s questions they have for her or Chief. I have a feeling that if people found out that Chief and Jackie were in the chats you would easily have a few thousand new subscribers. I’m kind of glad the secret hasn’t got out because then the live chat would probably get a bit hectic. #TTVE

  6. Hey Sim I agree the America's List is so special. . What are your thoughts or opinion on if they do in fact do another 405 qualifier then another America's List that the qualifier will just basicly be a repeat of the one we already have seen and the same guys going to America''s List again. I mean aside from the fives guys there now there is six other 405 guys . Taking nothing at all from them by any means but let's face it only two of them have been strong enough in the past couple of years to have a chance to beat one of the five were seeing now and qualify . Im a Street Outlaws superfan but even I think seeing the same thing over and over again would get old faster than these cars go down the street. On a side note I still don't understand why they can get everyone involved in Mega Cash Days, America's List , and NPK but doesn't make sure 405 is in FNA . I am starting to think there is some secret reason they don't want us to know. Sorry so long this time. TTVE Cya Next Time

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