The Biggest Problem With NPK – No Prep News Episode 75


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  1. NPK will never go live you have no idea how much sponsorship money they get for commercial breaks to pay drivers and other people to keep racers running all season. No prep kings is already bigger then NHRA there are more fans who come to no prep kings then nhra races right now

  2. The people in charge of no prep kings have said multiple times already no prep kings is happening so I’m not sure why you keep talking about it not happening?

  3. Why wouldn’t they have the NoPrep?? Baseball opening and the other sports also. NoPrep is outside. If they don’t do it. It’s probably cause of all the other NEW things there doing. Not Covid.

  4. Some people fail to realize MSO runs on a green asphalt road most of the time vs the other shows race on concrete roads that have more rubber on it than a drag strip. Of course your going to be faster on a good surface. Keep up the great work Sim.

  5. I can appreciate your genuine honesty and enthusiasm. Elation is a fairly common word though. You got that Marty McFly look working today. Not a criticism just an observation.

  6. If you look at the full race schedule its just not possible there are other race leagues with track contracts and 3 just joined this year. Big national tracks ate booked would need $$$ for them to change dates

  7. Hey Sam it’s me the Old Man on your channel, I think that NPK’s needs to look at what Nascar is doing, they have worked with a lot of state legislatures and just ran Bristol Tennessee with 50,000 fans, and Florida as well as Arizona, unfortunately they may have to rearrange their schedule this year and find the states that are loosening there restrictions, such as Texas and the ones I mentioned above, unfortunately a lot of this is politically motivated, but there are plenty of race tracks that are opening up for spectators.
    Sometimes no news is good new but I think that Pilgrim could do a much better job of keeping everyone informed a lot better. Even just a release that gives some kind of update, it would be better than hearing nothing at all. Great job great video keep up the fantastic work that you put in.

  8. You have what it takes to get to the 100k little bruh!!! Get some of those interviews and I'm sure your subs would take off. Get the interview with 187 going, re-interview Justin Shearer (a.k.a. Big Chief) interview Kamikaze Chris, Farmtruck and Azn and maybe Boosted. I bet you would be at 100k shortly after that. I'm sure you would be elated!!! TTVE!!!

  9. According to both my dictionary and thesaurus, the term "Elation" means "that feeling you get after you have just received a new and awesome haircut."

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