Texas Legend Wild Bill!!

In this video we have wild bill in his turbo chevy luv. WIld Bild entered the small tire class at the texas motorplex no prep event held in Ennis, Texas. Wild Bill has been known to drive the wheels off any car or truck. This event wild bill did not disappoint with some of the craziest passes during the whole no prep kings series. In one of his passes wild bill hits his wall and still floors it to get the win. In another race wild bill puts the chevy luv on the bumper and does not lift until he had to. Wild Bill ended up going to the finals of the small tire event and came up a little short but shows people once again wild bill is back. Wild bill entertained the fans and people alike at this event. Check out wild bill’s crazy passes in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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