T5 Transmission Swapped into a 75 year old Ford Truck | Pt. 1

This week Davin tackles upgrading our 1946 Ford truck’s transmission. This was a truck assembled in 4 days on the grounds of the Hershey Swap meet in 2015 and ever since the plan has been to upgrade to a T5. Well, six years later Davin finally found the time. Watch along as we take you through the process. We’ll show you what it takes to do an upgrade like this, and worse case you might learn what not to do…

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  1. I did exactly what you're talking about with a 72 Chevelle, when I replaced a SBC 305/TH350 (not the original engine OR transmission … came with 307/Powerglide which I'd changed out a few years before to get it back on the road) with a BBC 402/TH400 … I just had to slide the cross member to different holes which were already in the frame rail. Surprised me, actually.

  2. I had a T5 in my '88 S10 with the 2.5L Iron G=Duke 4cyl. engine. It had a mech. speedo , but used that POS hydraulic throwout assy. and I always wished it had been the old mech. version. It was a failure point that was almost unrepairable when it failed as it refused to bleed out properly. I finally traded in the S10 because of the hydraulic crap.

  3. I have given this swap some thought for my 66 F100. I changed the differential gear ratio to a 3:00. I can roll down the open highway all day at 75mph now. Granny low in my T18 is my only issue.

  4. Doing a 1950 ford pickup now. speedway makes it easy for the most part. Looking forward to the next video. Thanks.

  5. That upper right bellhousing bolt gave me trouble too. I ordered a cheap set of 1/2 drive impacts so I could modify one to use on my Ingersoll 1/2 inch drive impact. Then it came out!

  6. Instead of rattling away get a long handle and crack the bolts manually. Th number of 'mechanics' of today who cannot work without impact wrenches. Yes I like them too but they are never as good as simple leverage.
    The parts washer was a fail,, it was no cleaner, just full of water!! Simple degreaser and pressure washer will always do a better job.

  7. Very cool. I just did this in my 54 Chevrolet Sedan. A buddy of mine named Brian showed me how. He did it in the 90s. Before there were any adapters or cnc tables. Using junkyard parts and ingenuity. It makes the old 6 cylinder way more fun being able to stretch its legs. Making it from a weekend warrior. To a true daily driver. Keep up the great work. Very motivational and entertaining

  8. Good move !!
    I had a 69 Fastback..did the T5 swap. Easy to do…
    Also..the T5 is soooo much lighter…in weight.
    Great transmission.
    All the best….

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