Street Race Goes Horribly Wrong! Racer Loses Another Racecar

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  1. Is the + the 200 mph no the coup the volant is sure the crach no toucher the volant a plus de 200 kmh sinon tu pare de l arrière et sa tape sur un circuit ci petit la route et trop petites sorie no speak english juste litul

  2. I know everyone is going to be pissed 😤 I said this because nobody likes to hear the truth anymore! Maybe that dude should stay away from racing if that’s all he’s got! Yes it was absolutely the guy in the Malibu’s fault! But it was also the moron in the truck! When you see someone cross that badly in front of you, you let go of the throttle & save your shit! But only if you have a brain 🧠! He’d already won that round because the Malibu crossed so badly, so quickly! So he shouldn’t blame anyone but himself! Sorry but it’s 4 in the morning & I can’t start bullshitting myself this early! Go ahead I know I’m an asshole! But nobody likes the truth 🙄🙄🙄🙄!

  3. I'm honestly shocked …Matt n Tommy did it without the ole man's approval …. I'm also super glad yins made it home safe… live and learn and listen … His middle name is "I told you so " for a reason … He's lived it, watched n observed it. It's not to be a fun sucker n but a life saver…. So glad you Boys lived and learned it Personally though as well..but man … Poor nick ?? I literally cried like I know this guy personally n felt so bad… yins are a blessing for helping him out …Race on …..fellas…n do it safely..🙏💙🍻

  4. Well Bill, you know all too well that us old guys didn't get to be old guys by being stupid. That being said, I had my fair share of stupid when I was young, but I'm pretty sure that God really does protect children and fools. Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. The harder the SRC Family works to bring this bad ass content the more haters jump on board!!!!! I’ll never understand why people can’t just enjoy there own life’s an let others enjoy there’s.Not having a clue what others sacrifice just for us to watch bad ass content!!!!!!

  6. You can actually tell y'all are a well-oiled machine with everyone there but it shows if one is out of the picture it hurts show y'all are a very tight-knit family and I love watching elf videos

  7. That guy in the back saying "You be happy you're alive is a good ass dude!" He knows what's up. Could've been worse just be glad to have such a good circle you're running with. The love is obviously genuine in this group and thats why I love street racing, it's why grand dad used to race(The Reverend Mr Black 1st,2nd, and 3rd),and why I can't wait to build my car.

  8. Sounds to me like Billy needs to train somebody else how to tune just in case he can't be there and it would also take some pressure off his shoulders so that he doesn't feel like he has to be there all the time

  9. I agree Billy should value his talents more, it shows on camera but y'all are 100%right in the fact that he is extremely smart and talented at what he does

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