Street Outlaws Ryan Martin No Prep Kings (NPK) BTS Ep. 4

Street Outlaws star Ryan Martin and the Fireball Camaro official YouTube Channel.

See everything the Street Outlaws cameras missed on the streets, at No Prep Kings (NPK) and in the garage. Follow Ryan Martin as he takes on the best street and track racers in America.

out of the bag, we lost Round 3 and weren’t happy with how the car was working.. So we went right back to work on it! Check out how some of the passes and how the testing process goes!

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  1. Thought Jeff quit racing after he bad crash he had (it was not filmed on the show yet) I seen posts that said his wife begged him.

  2. I love how all of the Street Outlaws guys and gals are dead silent on the winners even though they've already announced it on their social media pages. And by love I mean amazed Discovery is making you guys do this. I get it. It seems silly in this day and age.

  3. winning is winning , and you no the rest bro bro… Justin has the same motor set up and the car is put together by GREAT builder's if he keeps dialing everything in like he did and practices JUST like fire ball then its going to be tuff competition period ! facts ,no excuses….! Facts! Everyone at these events puts in the time, well idk about the time as far as practice but definitely puts in the $ $ so no one is above the rest !

  4. I’m just glad Sean is doing really good too. That car he has is freaking fast. We all expected you and Justin to do good so it’s great to see Jeff Lutz and Sean doing really good to

  5. Always have liked Ryan and Lutz. Both bend over backwards to help others, and they don’t make excuses if they don’t do well. Always rooting for them. And a big thanks to Big Chief. I never was interested in street racing until watching Street Outlaws, and his energy got me hooked.

  6. I see oh lil country justin swanstrom has put everybody on alert!! But the race was very close both times good luck with the car Ryan nd i see alot of back nd forth races between fireball nd swan gang!!

  7. Why isn't nobody body Helping Mr Jeff Lutts. Everytime I've see him he's always helping others but nobody helping him..

  8. well that's what you get when switch cars new learning curve you will win it was the old Fireball Camaro had to get smart with switch

  9. I have a question ?those old turbo holes if they are blocked off now could they be causing some drag now ? Since they are capped, I saw that one of them was missing maybe force of air blew it out ? And if so then you may have air drag at those old openings…just a thought!! Maybe a dumb question guys .

  10. I've decided to call this car "Excalibur" it's a beautiful hand crafted work of art that was specifically designed for chopping heads and can only be used by its true master

  11. So much respect for Ryan Martin an his wife. Saw him in New Hampshire. He was out there all day signing autographs an meeting people his wife selling merch ALL DAY.. he took the time to meet everyone an was so personable.. great guy.. an a whole family hustle. So much respect!

  12. Come on please bring out the fireball. I know it’s procharged as well but I know you’ll do better with it just set it up for no prep and at least race it in SC I’ll be there and I can’t afford to get the pit passes I wanna watch fireball I don’t even know the name of this car????

  13. Are you running and using the lockup converter…last couple events the car hasn't looked great out to the 330…also there's a couple blower/ supercharger combo that seems to be out mile per houring you….get that baby set up,dialed in and be the first back to back npk champion

  14. Have you considered building a more areo friendly front clip and using paint & stickers like a select few do…or is that not a option since all the rules apply to you

  15. If you’re not gonna be driving the fireball you should let Daddy Dave use it for the next event that way if the grey car can’t get it done at least you’ll be getting team 405 a better chance.

  16. Ryan the car should be named "Excalibur " a beautifully hand forged work of art designed for one true king to slay the heads of all that threaten his reign!!

  17. Every no prep needs the full washing and scraping like that, if not more. The point is to be like a street. Or has it “evolved” beyond that.

  18. This is exactly why he such a tough competitor he has no fear whatsoever that he’s going to blow a motor or wear out a motor or have a catastrophic failure because he literally has 2 back up motors tranny‘s and every single part now that both cars are running the same stuff.. that’s a really smart move on his part I think he’s going to do good!

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