Street Outlaws Reaper -vs- Jeff Lutz Drag Race at No Prep Kings Chicago

Street Outlaws Reaper -vs- Jeff Lutz Drag Race at No Prep Kings Chicago. Watch and see who wins this epic battle between OG Street Outlaws drag racers.

In this video you will see some other great drag races between your favorite Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings racers such as: James Goad – Reaper, Jeff Lutz – The 57, James Finney – Birdman, Joe Woods – Dominator, James Love – Doc, Eric Bain – Boosted Ego, Chuck Parker – Chuck 55, Jerry Johnson – Monza, Chris Day – Kamikaze, Jerry Bird – BirdBoyz, Daddy Dave – Goliath 2.0, Vixen, Ryan Martin – Fireball Camaro, Chris Poncia – Red Ford Lightning, Chuck Seitsinger, Brent Austin – Megalodon, Larry Larson, Mike Hensen – PlanB, Amarillo Mike, Randy Williams, B Rad, Shawn Wilhoit – Mistress, and Larry Roach – AxMan.

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  1. Boyy.,awesome video Mr.Tom…That Deathtrap car is a beast!!!!….Do u know or does anyone know what kinda set up do the Bird Bros. Have??..,That car is fast as hell and very consistent..TY

  2. Does anyone know what's the cubic in. On Chucky"s Deathtrap??..I'm confused..,he keeps saying " my small block engine" on Intervjews. ,but the announcer says 600 plus cubic inches..?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  3. Reaper you need to stop loaning people Your Parts every time you learn your parts they ended up beating you the heck with him you came here to win so when so when Big Boy

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