Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 3 New Hampshire

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 3 New Hampshire at the second race of the Season 3 of No Prep Kings filmed event.

This event was the big 40k race on Saturday May 24th and it had all the best no prep racers in the country going against each other for the cash prize of $40,000 and the points in the whole event. Be sure to check out my previous video where the No Prep Racers were Grudge Racing on the Friday night before this big race, it is an excellent video .

Also in this video you will see a lot of the changes the Street Outlaws cars made since filming season 2 of No Prep Kings and some of the new cars that joined the race this year.

Here is a list of car’s/drivers that you will see in this video: Larry Larson, Daddy Dave, Mistress, B-Rad, Petey Small Block, Brian Chucky Davis, Bobby Ducote, Vixen, Birdman, Duane Mills in Golden Kong, Chris Poncia, Kelly Blubaugh, Kayla Morton, Axman, Kye Kelley, Little Country, Reaper, Doc, Dominator, Chuck Seitsinger, Mike Murillo, Disco Dean, Boosted Ego, Barefoot Ronnie, High Voltage, Chuck 55, Giuseppe Gentile, Ryan Martin, Jeff Lutz, Track Doe, Jerry Bird.

Thank you for watching, if you would like to see some more great Muscle Car videos click on this Playlist:


  1. Man, Dave is getting slower with time. I think his fastest setup was the carbed nitrous motor that was in the original Goliath. When he moved it into his new car and made a few changes I would go out on a limb and say he made his best passes. His new car with the old engine was damned near unstoppable, he just couldn't keep it together so he went supercharged. The bad part is that his Procharger may have been even less reliable than the nitrous setup and so far the twin turbo doesn't look much different. He went from making 4.0 passes with nitrous to 4.50 with the Procharger and the turbo looks like 4.70+ from what we've seen so far. He also cut way better lights with nitrous. If he keeps losing then he might go back to nitrous eventually. Doc has it figured out right now, I see no reason why Dave couldn't do it.

  2. Yea crazy Doc keeping it off the wall & staying in it too. Looked easier than it was. Doc doesn't get the cred it should for his driving.

  3. While Birdman was waiting for his New combo to get installed maybe he should have put his whip on the trailer and taken it down to the body shop for some work ..Can you imagine showing up to an event looking like some busted down bondo wreck …

  4. Kye Kelly has Party times old pat musi motor they won the PDRA pro nos class with guess Kye fucking pats daughter might have helped him with that sell or made party time give him the motor idk

  5. Why does dominator always let off before he wins and then loses lol I think he's scared of that car lol if that thing ever hooks up right its going to take off into space✌

  6. I may have missed some comments, apologies if mentioned before. But I am glad to see Brian Chucky D back out. Glad he is in GM not some Ford too hehehehe. I cant wait until he gets the car and bugs figured out. He is a good driver. Dont bring up him hitting Justin as anyone can tell, it was a mishap neither could have avoided. I still thank God everyday i replay that video. They both took rolls that most people dont walk away from. Goes to show, that chassis and cage are worth everyyyyy penny spent!

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