Street Outlaws drag racing at Outlaw Armageddon 5 (Day 2)

This is the second day of the Street Outlaws racing at the Outlaw Armageddon 5 race that took place on Friday August 2nd 2019 in Noble, Oklahoma at the Thunder Valley Raceway.
This is a double elimination kind of race so you get two chances before you are out of the chance to win the $50k grand prize.
Drivers and cars that you will see in this race are Big Chief, Daddy Dave, Ryan Martin, Jerry Bird, Doc, Dominator, Swamp Thing, Kye Kelley, Lizzy Musi, Kayla Morton, Shake N Bake, Shane McAlary, Kamikaze, Larry Larson, Megalodon, Chuck Seitsinger, Amarillo Mike, and Chuck 55.

Thank you for watching, if you would like to see some more great Muscle Car videos click on this Playlist:


  1. Golden Kong is quickly becoming one of my favorite cars!!! Not only is the car stupid fast and the driver is a beast but the gold and black are beautiful together on the 67 camaro

  2. Things happen it will make you a more experienced driver face to fear even even if you don't go full throttle face to fear and drive down the track it doesn't matter win or lose just make a pass and then walk away clean be safe therefore I will not stay with you all of your life been down this road bless you hope you get better Bless you hope you get better Just make a pass have throttle to clear your mind move forward and let your experience guy with others Bless you hope you get well soon

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