We had a great time, but the weekend ended tragically for a friend of ours. Sneak peak of what’s to come on Street Racing Channel.


  1. Too bad y’all hazed the tires,but sure you had fun and a safe journey. Back in the day when numerous friends went north to rode our dune buggies here in Michigan we all had CB radios and that just made the 3 hour trip more enjoyable. Had a new guy with us one time,just rolling down to road and he holler’s out “ got an Earnhardt on the left”

  2. My Dog is super needy also. She is always on my lap when going on even the small trips. Shes a small dog (17lbs) so I don't mind. She just lays there on my lap as I drive. Thank you bringing me/us all into your family. You know that each and every one of us on this channel will do anything we can for you and your family. Just put the call out and it will happen. Big HUGS to all of you! Keep on fighting the good fight! God Bless!

  3. I know I’m probably dead wrong.. and I really hope I’m not. Maybe Billy is gone to the west coast to BC n Jackie’s to throw together Billy’s nova and get him ready to be in his first street outlaws race? Americas list? I know this is more of a hope of mine but Billy and this family deserves it! If not now, u will see Billy and this SRC team on tv before too long! Bet!

  4. Hey y’all keep up the good work. Channel is awesome can’t wait to see the next video. I’m guessing billy is out getting his racing license to get ready to race the big tire boys.
    Just guessing have a great day everyone

  5. Bill, your doing a great Job, Just keep your faith first and you guys will continue to grow in the direction he has planned for you, I totally understand why you guys were given such a great platform to share what you guys love doing, Your a great family leader and a roll model for lots of fathers, best of luck to you and your fam!!!

  6. I say the same thing about Pilot Mt. every time I go that way. Some day I will stop. I hope I make it to some day. Tomorrow is never promised.

  7. People just know! You guys thanked me for the Easter Frisbees in a video and then weeks later Vickey sent me a thank you note through Amazon. It wouldn't matter to me either way I appreciate what you guys do and been watching Billy's channel for years! It was kinda cool hearing my name on here and seeing the pups happy on Easter! LOL

  8. You should get something together. Wish I would have never got out of circle track racing because I may never have the funds to get back into it again. Back then it was like eating and I could budget a lil for it. Now bot so much..

  9. Iam sorry but I just watched part of the video Tommy and Matt put up and I have to say Matt is over stepping his boundaries, Taking Tommy out there on a sketchy road . He is not a tuner and that nova is gonna get waded up unless he fixes all the problems ! He is lucky that little woop de do he did on track did not go the other way into the side of another car ! Fix ur car and go to some test and tunes before you hurt yourself or someone else ! Noobee . Keith

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