SEMA 2019: ISKY Gets Involved With The No Prep Kings To Help Racers Make Horsepower And Win.

Racing on the Discovery Channel’s No Prep Kings TV show requires a lot of horsepower and that can be hard on parts. ISKY stepped up to help No Prep Kings racers Scott Taylor and Bobby Ducote win races and go rounds. Taylor and Ducote talk about how ISKY parts have made their racing programs stronger.

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  1. That’s Funny………..
    Scott called up Nolan and said. “ Hey have you heard of No-Prep kings?”
    Nolan say “No” but I’ll check it out?
    I say WTF what Rock has Isky been living under. Not to sure I would run their shit if they hadn’t heard of No-Prep Kong’s!!!!!

  2. Bobby problem is his engine builder Morgan and sons. Their shit breaks faster then his pass probably is. I know every pass shawn wilhoite makes the fucking engine blows something up

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