Ryan Martin's New Procharged Camaro!!

In this video we have ryan martin who normally drives the fireball camaro in a brand new car that is procharged. The car was debuted during pri and it caused quite a stir with a turbo setup on it at first but later the rumors swirled that it might be procharged. Then it was brought out procharged and fans alike wondered if it would be fast. Well, in the national trail raceway in ohio, this was a chance to see it in action. Not just in action but action against a very fast murder nova! In ryan’s first grudge race it was against murder nova which is no slouch. In ryan’s next grudge race it was against chuck in the death trap. Chuck has a hard hitting little mustang and boy it was a good race. We also, included the megalodon’s new owner who brought out the procharged camaro after painting it black. A lot of action so check it out in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Justin Swanstrom in his car that he only had 2 days of testing in gave Ryan the best race he had all weekend, and you failed to include that race as they was only half a fender to a fender length apart.

  2. So Brent Austin doesn't own Megaladon anymore??? How could you sell the car that took you to the top?!! I'd of kept it no matter what even if building something new!! Who's the twat now driving it?

  3. Natalie is hot and has no idea! I never noticed she has such beautiful eyes, she needs to start her own channel and start getting paid !!!! The no prep fan simps would throw their money at her.

  4. 8th mile drag races aren't real drag races if you're not doing a quarter-mile you're not racing. 8th mile is who can get out of the light the fastest and that's it.

  5. Wow! That Camaro is a transformer too? It wasn't the same gunmetal Grey Camaro in every race.

    If I had Procharged 4k+HP Camaro in that color I would name it, The Lord of Hatred, Mephisto . Or just Mephisto for short.

  6. Only a matter of time before someone eats a wall doing 150…boy will that crash get some views…maybe it takes out some fans…maybe a car explodes on launch…glad this stuff is recorded!

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