Ryan Martin's Fireball Truck is a Daily Driver Beast!!

In this video we have the fireball camaro driver himself ryan martin. Ryan Martin is no stranger to winning as he just came off last season’s no prep kings championship. Ryan Martin now is cruising his daily driver which is a procharged gmc truck that is full weight. The truck is heavy and looks to be in a disadvantage against lighter daily drivers when it comes to racing. But looks can be deceiving. In the first round Ryan Martin went up against a nitrous assisted malibu and it was a good race between the two. The nitrous malibu got the jump on Ryan and it looked like it was all over for Ryan and somehow Ryan just flys by the malibu towards mid track. Great race between the racers. Next up, ryan went up against a familiar racer which was doc. Doc following his devasting crash was there in his daily driven monte carlo. Doc was having issues with the car and just couldnt make it a competive race. But check out the video to see who wins and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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