Ryan Martin Wins Bradenton Invitational 10-30-21

Part 3 video from Bradenton Florida. Round 2,3, Semifinals, and Finals. Watch till the end. Great piece with Ryan, and Kye after the race.


  1. I love everything about Ryan in racing he just has it all and the fact that he is a true stand up guy makes him more deserving than any I've always watched the show me and my man are huge fans but from the first day he appeared I knew he was the guy and when we seen him in SC I told ryan would win it all he was like I sure hope so hopes and dreams do happen to good people …. I'm so glad you did and I will be there next year cheering you on either way buy love watching you do what you do best is win… Also you have a wonderful team ☺️ good luck I'll be watching

  2. “I gotta get out of here so I don’t cry in front of everyone “ – Shawn Ellington, Bradenton, as I sit here watching this with tears running down y cheeks as I watch this, especially when Ryans wife runs up and jumps into Ryans arms and says over and over, “we did it all, we did it all”

    Ryan, j don’t think I’ve ever been much prouder of anyone in my life buddy, especially anyone in any kind of sport. You are the absolute best role model for our younger generations to aspire to be like and they needed someone like you in today’s world buddy! You are one hell of a man, and even tho I’m older than you, you give me something to look up too and to try to do better each day as you do! Thank you for being a true American Idol for all of us to use as a role model in some shape or form!! We love you Ryan and we are proud of you and I’ve been rooting for you ever since you were the outcast/underdog on the first episode of Street Outlaws many moons ago!!

    You’ve come a long way baby and nobody deserves it more than you this year!!

  3. Pretty damn exciting…makes watching NHRA like watching paint dry…Congrats on the incredible season…You have inspired many to "go get it".

  4. Congratulations on winning back to back NPK seasons Championships. And doing it in 2 different cars and power combos. Y’all have put in all the hard work and it shows. You have a great program and crew.

  5. NPK has to do something about bootlegs. I want to see the progress of moving up. You tubers are fuckin up real taking away from the real!!!!!

  6. Only needed a first round win to win the Overall NPK Championship,but winning the last event totally shows you why he is a real Champion at what he and his team does.

  7. You know of all the videos I ha e watched of all the racers Ryan never says a bad word about anyone. It shows you don't have to run your mouth you prove it on the race track! Congrats on the win and the championship!

  8. There can only be 1 👍
    I can still remember the invitation from Big Chief to race you're way into the 405,
    You've come such a log way, your attention to detail and humbleness throughout it all makes you and your team who you are today. Congratulations on another No Prep Kings Championship 🎉💥🎉💥🎉💥🎉💥
    You've got a lot of people nipping at your heels !

  9. There are 2 types of people in this world: those that are humble. And those that are about to be humbled. You definitely fit into the first category. Wishing you continued success.

  10. Congratulations Ryan!! Also, I Have the UTMOST RESPECT FOR KYE THE WAY HE SAID IT AT THE END OF THE VIDEO,

  11. The reactions from alot of people from Ryan's team after he beat Justin really shows how Justin is a serious threat. People running to Justin's lane to yell at Justin's team and celebrate Like that means Ryan's team and most other teams realize Justin is a big big contender. I didn't notice Ryan's team doing that type of celebrations when they beat anyone else. Justin has made a name and great showing for himself. If people are that excited to beat you, then you must be doing something right. Congrats on the win Ryan 🏆 👏

  12. I'm a huge fan of Ryan and his team but I'm equally as much a fan of Justin Swanstrom, his Dad Corey and his team too. It was quite apparent the team Fireball were holding their breath in that race against Justin. The elation on seeing the WIN light come on in Ryan's lane told that story BUT Ryan took the 'W' and the chase for 2nd place was over for Justin. Kye and Team Musi brought their 'A' GAME but there was no denying Ryan another NPK Championship. TEAM FIREBALL TOOK 'EM ALL OUT IN FINE FASHION. NPK 2022 BE READY, TEAM FIREBALL ARE IN THE HUNT FOR WIN #3!

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