1. the car is looking good, well until it blew up! bring back more of the content with Ryan and the crew talking or when your hanging out with other racers! makes us feel like were there in some small stupid way.

  2. I’ve never met Ryan but he has a nice car that is a unique Color and I love it I also like that blue firebird robin Roberts has I have met robin and he seems like the type of guy to give you the shirt off his back if you needed it but 1 best looking cars on there hands down

  3. Chunky blew a fart at the starting line and caused Ryan to lose traction. Almost hit the wall in Texas against Robin. Ryan's favorite cheerleader.

  4. Where the longer vlogs with the banter…. Man I loved watching those one got to learn more about the team and the brother good they have for each other and tease each other

  5. It's amazing when you watch this season on TV I don't think any other team can have a conversation without saying the 405 Ryan Martin 10 X per sentence. I like a lot of the other guys and teams but there's so much hate when they're on screen

  6. I haven’t looked yet, but I hope Ryan wins the points championship. People can talk all the shit they want, doesn’t change that team fireball is the best. You don’t have to like it!!!!

  7. Surely Lizzie should have been given the win over Justine "I'm so gwansta, honest, ask my dad" Swansong purely by having ten times the people in her lane at race start and not being a bitch…

  8. Ryan Martin is such a class act, one of the very few in the NoPrep series. A stark contrast to the crudeness of Disco Dean, the perpetual anger of Chuck Seitsinger, or the desperate to appear tough act of Swanstrom. The racing is exciting enough without the ridiculous "drama".

  9. This seems like a pissed off upload basically saying "this is how my weekend in Texas went and I'm fucking pissed" The rest of the racers better lookout 8n LA and FL Team Fireball is pissed!

  10. I was at the race and might have jinxed Ryan by saying, I don’t think he has lost in first round all year? My bad!! But such a great dude and team, Ryan there all day signing autographs after loss.

  11. This content is so weak Phantom literally works on the murder nova and films tons of content!!! this new guy ryan has dont do shit its 5 mins of half assed footage

  12. I have been following the NPK season from the start and watching the show airing now just pisses me off. All the drivers constantly talking shit about the Ryan and the 405. Ryan is ahead by far and have been performing consistently in all 4 seasons, so they should just shut up and try and learn something from someone who clearly knows what he's doing

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