Outlaw Big Tire at No Problem Raceway!!

In this video we have the outlaw big tire class at the no problem raceway located in belle rose, lousiana. The outlaw big tire class is a class where there are no rules to the class. The class is design to just run what ya brung. In the last two times there has been one truck dominating the class which is the texas rattlesnake. But, can the texas rattlesnake make it three wins in a row? It will be tough because the field kept on getting more difficult to get around with names like kallee mills, mike murillo, and bobby ducote. These racers have been tearing up the no prep track so the texas rattlesnake would have their hands full with these racers. Check out the video and see if the texas rattlesnake has enough for one more win. Also, for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Loved the intro Natalie!! I was happy to see you not wispering anymore. Your intros are the best part of the videos. These people leaving stupid comments don't have a personality or a sense of humour. We love you Natalie!! Keep up the great intros. 😋

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