NPK Round 8 Virginia Motorsports Park Recap…We Need Just a Little Bit of Luck!

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NPK Round 8 Recap From Virginia Motorsports Park

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  1. I was just checking out midwest , I can't stand Jackie, she is going to kill someone on the track. She got that caddy chief is building for her. She's like "oh my God, look what I have. I have a racecar". How does chief put up with that nut. She has to be something in bed. She is a DITZ. I'm a moron so ill stick with you Sean. I'm a die hard murder nova fan. I think since Jackie got with chief, he has turned into a ditz to. I used to like chief. Now? Blaaaa!!!. Lizzy is a great female racer. Jackie won't last. PEACE ✌

  2. For the life of me guys, I dont know why he agreed to put that nut into a 1500 hp racecar. What did she do, qith that ditzy attitude, to warrant a racecar. Ill say this, when she unzips her pants, pure sunshine must pore out of that thing. Its the only way I can see it happening. Good luck to ya murder nova. PEACE ✌

  3. When you guys come to Tucson the good place is to eat is Lucky wishbone and the other place Pat hot dog and the other spot is eegee's a large strawberry eegee is bomb

  4. I hope you dont get mad at me with my comments about chief. I know you were best friends. I just can't see Jackie in a racecar. Lizzy is the stone cold standard of a woman driver. Lizzy, now we have Ditzy. Complete opposites. Good luck Sean. PEACE ✌

  5. Been watching you from the start and I think you guys are closing the gap fast. Keep it up and a Win is in your guys future soon!! Only advice…Have a short memory. Can't let this stuff get to you. Hey just a suggestion…maybe get a crew chief that cares more about the race than the video….OH..Hi Phantom!! just bustin ur balls a lil Phantom. Thanks guys.

  6. I think that be a great idea to tape the trip from your house to the track id love to see it all thanks for everything i watch every video i cant wait when you put up new ones good look on next race i cant wait for you to win i know you will

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