No Prep Kings Small Tire Action! Twin Turbo Skyline!

This video is the complete small tire class battling it out for 5,000 at the colorado no prep kings. There was fast turbo mustangs and a unique twin turbo skyline which was a right side driven car. There was a nitrous assisted corvette that was doing work all weekend as well! For more no prep racing coverage we film follow our social medias at:


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  1. The skyline owner is a dummy slow ass car was not going anywhere with all that weight in the front (stupid v8) should've put an rb30,rb26 or a 2jz those cars were not made for retarded ass v8s

  2. Another good video. Thanks! I am not a Ford guy but the new V30 series Vortech he's running is where it's at. My big body G body is powered by a bbc 540 with a V30 128 Vortech supercharge on the gear drive and they makin big power.

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