New No Prep Kings Racer Dark Horse!!

In this video we have the blown camaro known as the dark horse. The driver is Adam Jennings who we had a chat about the no prep kings new circuit. But first, he entered the big tire class at the brawl at the falls event at witchita raceway park. The Dark Horse had a really close race with the winner of the big tire class which was cody baker. The Dark Horse also raced the nitrous assisted cutlass that usually attends the witchita raceway events. It is no slouch as the nitrous cutlass has reached the finals of no prep races before. The dark horse would have his hands full with that matchup. Then we caught up with him to talk about no prep kings as he mention he will be racing in the up coming racing circuit. Adam also talks about the dark horse more in detail. Check out the video and see it all for yourselves. For more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Pretty cool the gray Camaro has those little streamers at the zoomies. That way they can see if he's still lit from a distance. The other car is loud too, sometimes ya can't tell. Streamers – a good idea.

  2. Must not have it turned up much. Should be a competitive car. Cody Bakers car sure is. Since you are having a new car built I will dtive your camaro for you!

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