Musi Sisters Battle it Out at No Problem Raceway!!

Lizzy Musi is one great racer who has broken boundaries being a female winning several no prep kings events. But, lizzy not only carries one of the most recognizable last names in drag racing , but also has a sister. Trisha Musi also races in several prep events and sometimes enters no prep to give it a try. Trisha drives a nitrous assisted firebird but most of the time races the old musi popeye car. The popeye car is a nitrous assisted firebird that is very recognize because her dad pat musi used to race it to the winner’s circle several times in his career. Trisha continuing the traditional with the popeye car but brought out a new nitrous assisted firebird that looks to be fast. Check out the video to see how the sisters faired in the event and against each other. Also, for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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