Monza vs Fireball & Kye Kelley vs Daddy Dave & Kamikaze vs Larson at No Prep Kings

Monza faces off with fireball camaro along with rest of his matchups during the route 66 no prep kings event. We also included kye Kelley in the shocker facing off against daddy dave. Also, Kamikaze chris faces off with two of the fastest single turbo cars at no prep kings which are larry Larson and birdman which are two tough draws. For more no prep racing we film follow our social medias at:


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  1. That first pass was the best lick I have seen Kamikaze make with the twins in the Elco. Made a full hit under boost/load and the car went straight without getting out of shape. Maybe he is finally getting that thing figured out.

  2. Whatever the fuck Kye and Lizzy changed compared to last Season, they've gone from cannon fodder to fucking unbeatable. Well played to them.

  3. Sum sweet passes if theirs 1 person who deserves to get his car in order it's the ELCO I'd luv to see Chris get grips on it bn a long time coming

  4. Chris needs to ditch the elco. I know it was Flips car and that he's spent a small fortune on it but the reality is it's just not good enough for this level of competition. I don't think I've seen him win a race at NPK.

    The Fireball Camaro is a beast. Ryan has that car well and truly figured out. He's also one hell of a driver.

  5. Ol Girl Dave aint running shit with them turbos. That is what you get taking shit about turbos then going to them. Lol Supercharger is where it's at! The other thing I don't understand is Elco he has a nice twin turbo conventional headed motor and switches to a hemi. These guys that are steady switching shit up instead of figuring the shit out and getting no better. I don't get it. I mean look at Martin he gets it done just like Lutz with out scraping everything at the end of the yr and going bigger like it going to do something more. I only run a 4.50 1/8 consistent but I'm all factory glass and all factory steal other than the hood and my 88 Monte SS weighs 4200 pounds with me in it and we did scrap everything every yr just because we weren't happy we figure it out and still hot some more in it but we're happy and winning.

  6. Sorry but Shane, Dominator and Reaper must figure out their car problems. I think most of the Memphis family could whip them all. I was a huge 405 fan but definitely gotta give JJ and his family props! PS FIREBALL IS NO JOKE!

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