Monza updates us on the Chevelle and the Camaro

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  1. All I have to say is fuck them D-bags crying about the name. If it’s not trade marked suck a bag of D’s. You think Ryan Martin has the only race vehicle called Fireball? Or Goliath so on and so on. Even if they had been nice about it to hell with’em. That’s like saying I can’t name my kid what I want because some dumbass already named their kid the same name. The real reason they are butthurt about it is from now on when people google Bad Attitude Chevelle your car will be in the top 10 search results and nobody will give a F about their clapped out old POS. Keep keeping on Mazda lol.

  2. You might want to contact
    Dennis Collins at Collins
    Brothers Jeeps in Wiley,Tx
    out side of Dallas,Tx. He
    has a YouTube channel
    called Coffee Walk were
    he buys all kind of cars.
    I think he just pulled a
    SS chevelle out of the woods up in Missouri

  3. Major respect To you guys. Competing against people with 5 spare engines and a whole damn professional crew. Think about it! You guys are real. Lets go back to the streets and leave that to the money folk. You guys and Dom…Always there.

  4. I was under the impression you did not name your car till AFTER you get some runs and it earns the name at least where I come from. and a 468 is a .060 over 454 for those who do not know it is not an up stroked engine but still built right can be nice

  5. MONZA send me a pm there is a guy here in ada that has quite a few 70 chevelles from roller to complete that own a salvage yard locally can giv ya his number just not on here

  6. Monza, you remind me of my pops friend who was like an uncle to me. Pops and Berry were die hard hot rodders and racers, from drag racing to dirt track and some motorcycle and lola action as well. I love watching your videos because it reminds me of my time in the garage with my pops and Berry. They weren't interested if it didn't have at least 750hp. Dad was an engine builder and even made chassis for dwarf cars for many years. Dad and Berry's last build was a 72 camero with a 486 dad built, plum purple on Boyd Coddington wheels, it made 980hp on the dyno. I say all this because you bring back good memories. I lost both dad and Berry to smoking, I hate to see legends and good people taken by damn cigarettes. I know what I say means nothing g because I'm a stranger, but I have to say something. I dont wish that suffering on anyone.

    Love from Cali

  7. You need to change your name too. I know a Jerry who was born before you. Lol. It's your hot rod, you can name it anything you want. Good luck with everything Buddy. Take care, and be safe. Can't wait to see the Chevelle and the Split Bumper in action.

  8. "Bad Fkn Attitude"
    Here is a good name for the bad ass Chevelle your building!
    Ps. I want to build a new 70 Chevelle like I had right after high school. I had the same colors picked out minus the vinyl roof, add smoke chrome window tint!

  9. I do believe Ryan Martin is looking for a 70 Chevelle roller to build as well.
    Maybe he might have some leads for you? You know how picky he is for starting off with a diamond in the rough. Lol
    Good luck!

  10. Had to give up on buying my dream car for that exact reason. Doesn't make sense financially to go buy a rust bucket for $18,000 just to turn around and dump another $30,000 into it .

  11. I would go with no name for the car, just have Team Monza on the shirt with either car. Ryan has no name for his NPK car.

  12. Why are people such pricks nowadays. I would of been honored to have Monza name his car after one of my cars, shit I probably would of let him have the name and change mine up to something else. I can't wait to see the new car

  13. Just a ideal but do you remember the Bruce Smith Nike commercials of the 90's with Dennis Hopper how about bad things for a name or Bad Intentions but I just remember Dennis hopper asking you know what Bruce Smith does in theses shoes bad things man bad things so that is what Mr. Johnson does in this Chevelle bad things man bad things just something a little different

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