Lizzy Musi Rocks Bradenton Florida!!

In this video we have lizzy musi in her nitrous assisted camaro in the big tire class at the bradenton raceway no prep event. Lizzy has done many no preps till this point and looked primed to win the event with some fast passes. But first, she had race some of the best in the business which included brandon james in his blown nova out of california. Brandon and Lizzy have back and forth in their battles in the past. Lizzy also raced season two champion Mike Murillo in his turbo mustang. Lizzy lastly took on one of the most feared 405er which is murder nova. This was the last race of the season for this series and no one was going to back down from a challenge. Lizzy and the nola crew looked ready to rock. Check out the video and see how well Lizzy did against these fast cars. Also, for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Is it just me or do Mike Murillo's rear tires look enormous and odd on his Mustang? Is it because he doesn't have the rear tubbed enough or lowered? Someone please explain this one to me

  2. Hey look its rich people taking over racing that benefits those without endless pockets. They are even seeping into small tire stuff

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