Live from the road to Darlington

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  1. Love the live video it's grate all the content you at DNR and SRC Channels are making I look forward to watching and following ya all every single day I'd love to meet ya all one day it's on the bucket list for sure I'm a gear head me and my boys watch ya all and are building some square body hot street trucks

  2. Hey Matt!! Are you in Darlington today? I’m watching some guys live video and he said Matt spun out!!?? Was that you!?? Man I hope you’re ok!!!!! Let me know please, ok?

  3. I wish you all the luck on your move to Ohio.
    Huge step I believe in the right direction due to location to a slew of tracks that do the whole small tire thing.
    Which is the funniest by the way.
    You will have opportunity to capture more content.
    You are a great addition to SRC / SRC Garage content.
    I like how all the coverage overlaps so well.
    The recaps with Billy and Tommy are fun and really entertaining.
    It is amazing how much Tommy has upped his game.
    All you guys are a great team.

  4. You did great job the only failure is to give up it took Edison 1,000 times to invite the light bulb without his perseverance we would all still be in the dark. Great job next year you'll be almost unstoppable think Bill Billy Tommy might give you a Run for the Gold though. Just remember Haters are you biggest fans they are just to jelly to say so.

  5. Glad to see you saved that Matt, sketchiest surface on the east coast brother.

    Bill needs another new set of tires on the S-dime, but pulled out the Win, great job Bill! Billy gonna be proud of Mr. No lift namesake winning his first round ever in that truck from what looked like ahead at the light, but from behind in the mid range once it lit up the tires. Only Dad would know. (Where is that scrambler button? Lol!)

  6. Just hope u don't worry it up before u can take time to do shit right in the car, u can't afford another bbc like it car is shit, but good luck be safe matt, seems to me people want to trash that bbc because it could be a threat later next rear, why nos, why not 100 shot but 200 is ok??? Wtf are u thinking matt or are u????

  7. Best pass on that surface first round was in left lane, no burnout, in first 8 pairs, went A to B zero smoke, and straight as an arrow. Could tell it was a super soft compound. Really soft and slow leaving and barnstormed the back end.

  8. Think u need a new steering box? Before it gets loose and u overseer it and wod it up so on? Ok let's see, replace car and motor etc? Or spend 200.00?? NO FUCKIN BRAINER!!

  9. I can for see u living in motorhome with bullshit cars etc, hope not, this is your best shot to go forward in racing, so don't fuck it up over steering box or stupid things just to rush show up to race over NOT PREPARING CAR RIGHT.

  10. Too many people out stomping on whatever fresh rubber is being laid down on the starting line area. Do not know how you guys handle that foolish crowd.

    Certainly hinders the cars.

  11. Just listen what u say matt, u tested nos in snow? 200 hit but may need more? UR NOT DONE WITH MOTOR SPEED?? WTF ARE U DOING, IM NOT HATING ON U TRYING TO GET U TO THINK ..ABOUT UR DICISSIONS..

  12. Sometimes you get the bear of the track, sometimes the bear of a track gets you, is a track rental day in the future? A nice quiet 3 or 4 car test session to try different tuning combos for a sketchy surface and work on the bugs and setups always works out. If you are taking home unbent, unbroken cars and divers you are good.

    Any day racing is better than any day working.

  13. i watched limpys live feed from the race on Saturday! about 130 am i got email bad news the shop shut down ( for closed on) so i was not needed so i guess being paid was out of the question! i glade i did not leave!

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