Kye Kelley's Spray Magic in Bradenton, Florida!

In this video we have Nola team member Kye Kelley in his nitrous assisted camaro racing in bradenton raceway in Flordia. Kye Kelley has been second in points and racing his way to the top if certain races went down a certain way. Aside from the what if situations Kye needed just win every race to win the championship. Kye took on the fastest of the fast in the video trying his best to secure a championship for himself and the nola team. Kye if he would championship would be the first no prep king from the nola team so a lot was at stake during his runs at the event. Going into an event knowning you can’t lose a race is a lot of pressure but Kye made it look easy every time the nitrous camaro made a pass down the track. Check out the video and see Kye keep his cool during all the runs. Also, for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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