1. Street outlaws on a track .
    So it's track outlaws .
    Haven't seen this show in a very very long time ..

    Only people I loved watching was Asian and the farm truck …

  2. Kye DID NOT red light, morons put the green light at the top of the tree when they should have simply taken out the yellow bulbs and left the green bulbs at the BOTTOM! Kye damn sure did NOT red light.

  3. It's funny seeing this, that brat is always crying about something. Hence the nickname cry Kelley. 1st episode of top 20 and he was already pouting about the rules.

  4. Injustiça com kye Kelly,ele ganhou a corrida,deu uma surra no trouxa do Ryan Martin,mais sr organizador da competição o tal do Chuck totalmente parcial, não aguentou ver o amiguinho queridinho do peito perder pro kye Kelly,e armou um complô pra desclassificar o kye Kelly,e obviamente da a vitória pro outro,as picaretagem nos esportes me irrita cara,eu não suporto esse tipo de sacanagem.

  5. A 0.008 light would be a good green light unless he means a -0.008 but they don’t get tickets so how would they know they RT’s they don’t there just guessing

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