Kye Kelley SHOCKER – Radial WHEELIE!

Kye Kelley SHOCKED the crowds alongside South Georgia Motorsports Parkโ€™s Drag strip when he pulled the wheels almost 300โ€™ on his THIRD pass on a radial tire! Stopping by to hang out and make some exhibition passes at No Mercy 7, Kye put on a show for the crowd as he learned the reigns behind a radial tire! Big Chief better be on the lookout before Kye tries taking more of his money! ๐Ÿ˜›

NO MERCY 7 – Duck X Productions:

Wheels Up for Harambe!:

CRAZY Drone Coverage of Wreck!:

FLYING Mustang!:

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  1. by no means am I trying to hate at all so screw all of the hater comments, but I could have sworn kye said he will not grudge race at track events anymore…strictly street …..said he'll show up sign autographs and make some passes….I saw this on his facebook page after some bullshit went down during a call-out in Holly Springs, MS

  2. I wanna see an et on the board of how fast these street outlaw cars really are not blank et boards.. WTF.. what's the big secret they can't show how slow those cars really are… BS…..

  3. Kye Kelly thinks he's a little badass. He likes messing with under age girls. Well he messed with the wrong one this time. It's coming soon for your punk ass boy. Nothing can stop it bitch.

  4. he ain't fast no more hahahahaha but Kye Kelly is the only man to beat Chief 3 times in a row….he beat him so bad that Chief purposely staged that crash so that he could get a "Promod" that he can't drive …..Chief is a fat dumbfuck.

  5. When im older and I start racing if I somehow do a wheelie and all tires somehow come off the ground I aint touching that gas pedal at all

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