John Wick Blown Camaro Nasty Crash at Bounty Hunters No Prep 2021!!

In this video we have toby nock who is the driver of the blown camaro known as john wick. They entered the small tire class at the bounty hunters no prep event held at caprock raceway in odessa, texas. What makes this crash so nasty is the fact that the car slid many feet to a complete stop on its side. Many people feared the worst but the driver got out and walked away. He was able to walk away due to good safety equipment that was on john wick. John wick camaro was taking on todd spiers who drives a 4 v modular foxbody mustang. The matchup took place in the second round of the small tire class. We also included John Wick’s only test pass which was a great pass. Check out the video and see how the action unfolds and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. The fuck do the 25 people taking a slow jog down the track thing they're gonna achieve?!?
    "Duuuuh I just jogged a half mile to come see the wreckage and be of no use what so ever cos i arrived 5 minutes after the safety crew"

    If that was my track or my event I'd give track staff cattle-prods and anyone tries running down the track get zapped.

  2. That's a Damn shame , that was one Beautiful BADASS looking car , Glad to see he was okay after a hard hit like that , he's fast off the line and that's why one should never skimp on the Roll Cage & any other Safety features that can save your life 🙂👍

  3. glad to hear driver is ok, sorry about car. that's what happens when you screw around and don't stage. everyone screams when you burn down what about tire cool down.
    if your shit ain't ready, stay in the pit.

  4. I’ve been around racing in many different forms, and my biggest and first love is drag racing, but when I watch this style of drag racing where you have all these people gathering around the starting line it makes me cringe. Some day, who knows when, because it’s inevitable a car will have an issue, either doing a burnout or launching off the line, and someone is going to be seriously injured. The track will then be sued by the injured party(s), and will end up closing because no insurance company will insure them. That piece of paper you sign when you enter the track (some) won’t stop a lawsuit. So unless you are pitting the car that’s racing you need to be clear of the starting line. I’ve actually blown a rear end in a 12 bolt Chevy pickup on the burn out and it spit the pin out the cover and never found it? Ya can you imagine if it’d hit someone in the head? Very bad! So get the fans out of there!

  5. Glad he is OK!! 🙏🙏🙏
    As his Camaro initally went left out of the groove, there were numerous sparks coming out from underneath. What broke?

  6. Why does a guy have to yell at people to clear out of the way? Are they really that dumb? And who runs these tracks that allows 200 people to stand on the track anyway? Emergency vehicles should be moving as soon as they see the car get out of shape regardless if they actually have a accident. Fire could result and they may only have precious seconds to respond.

  7. This is exactly why I don't support no prep. I've seen more torn up cars in no prep races than any other race. I race 1/4 mile and always race at a properly preped track. Yes it does make a difference. Much safer. I don't enjoy tearing up my car. Nuff said

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