Jerry gives us an update and finally picks a name for the new Chevelle!

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  1. I know a few guys like Jerry that get accused of having a "bad attitude" and the reality is they're just the types of guys that don't suffer fools gladly or talk about the weather just to talk. If you have something important to say then cool but don't talk to them about the price of cabbage. They just ain't interested.

    Love the name. It's cool that you've adopted the accusation. It does fit perfectly. Can't wait to see ya'll kicking some ass!!!

  2. Bad Attitude = BadAss!
    N I C E
    (I suggested “Che-Belle”, ‘cause it’s gonna be beautiful , but I like your name better)
    Kick Ass Team Monza!
    Happy Thanksgiving
    God Bless

  3. Love the name monza lmfao lizzy's is bigger than kye's. Dag that sucks hope you get them bugs worked out good luck on the hunt keep them videos coming guy's 👍 💪

  4. I like Shady Chevelle, it goes with Sinister Split Bumper but bad attitude is awesome. And anyone that thinks you have a bad attitude has only seen what discovery wants them to see of you from editing. I met you and Brandon both at a few NPK events and you were anything but grumpy or rude. Racing is your business and you take your business serious so just like me as a rig welder people think we are assholes till they get to know you.

  5. You should send Sinister off to the guy Shawn used for re-wiring the OG, he did a clean ass job and I imagine you guys have a similar wiring lay out

  6. The name definitely fits the car and the owner and the son and the well I know it’s a stupid question is there some sort of traction control hooked up through the system, it seems like there’s some sort of a back feed happening when one thing is trying to activate it is shorting out the other. If you don’t find it and remedy the issue it’ll have you going in circles all season long. I’m no expert by any means not trying to be a smartass either kinda thinking out loud I wired cars and airplanes ✈️ for a while.

  7. I was eating dinner earlier with the wife and kids. And my youngest son's best friend comes in. And says hey Jesse Jerry named his car after u. I looked at my wife and said who's Jerry. And I looked at my youngest son and he's like no idea. I was like who is this Jerry u know. And he said the guy on Street Outlaws. I grabbed my cellphone and seen u posted a video. And I waited until dinner was over and had to run errands get supplies for thanksgiving. And I was like dam ur named his new car Bad Attitude. Wife thought he changed the name Sinister to Bad Attitude. I said he's building a new car 70 Chevelle. And my youngest son's best friend goes Monza will beat Jesse. I said hell my Chevelle runs 10 seconds on the track with no power adder's. It's a daily driver I drive it almost all the time. Can't wait to see videos on the new ride. What motor and set up are u going to be using Jerry? Amd my wife wants to know does ur wife ever thought about cutting ur ponytail off? Happy Thanksgiving guys. Hope u got u some 🦌🦌🦌.

  8. ur to cheap to have a pro ,wire ur car to fix the problem go ahead and shoot the sinister and lease the land until March and don't make a fool of yourself monza in America's list skip me at npk next year with new car and the best parts available with your son leading the way u will finish between 30-40th place ..u doc,dominater,chuck,kamikaze r known as ducks if u loved your son youd fire him so he wouldn't let the whole world know he's a failure of a crew chief take him along to wipe down the car .his self esteem is shot to hell already ,he's way over his head…to beautiful of a car to be on the trailer by 2nd round

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