1. Lugz Kicks ass all the time but can't get to the #1 spot on the list the discovery producer is the one that picks who is going to be #1 on the list

  2. Would've been a good race but Larry…didn't know if Lutz wanted swiss or American cheese on his sandwich Larry was making at the light…well done Lutz!!!

  3. Love Larson but he jus barely makes the rules by literally a line of bullshit. Alot of guys are going away from the stretched shit and or pro mod and alot of ppl who stand up for Larson will say it's not a pro mod if he makes the rules by jus a hair well lemme tell ya something that's a pro mod legit whatever he tweaked to make it by the rule book was bs. Look from the back window area to the end of the bed that's what 2 feet longer then it should b. He's a legend I'm denying that he's jus one of the guys that pretty much still runs a pro mod

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