Jamboree 2021, an old friend/s return and prep for Road Trip

In this video OKE020 returns, not much work happens, some video footage from rained out jamboree and i talk about prepping cars for Road Trip Drag Challenge.


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  1. you need a camera man! you don't have time to film, work and edit episodes. instead your showing other peoples clips and just talking later about what you did during the day on camera. we what to see it happen.

  2. Hi Scott, just a heads up mate, make sure you use proper rubber windscreen rubber because the rubber that has silicone in it can and will start the rusting process, haha ask me how I know, RIP my commodore A pillars because of it !! Seeya Rob

  3. do you have the section dimensuons for the glass rubbers on the KE20? a UK company called COH Baines make classic rubber profiles. We use them a lot for Lotus restorations. Happy to help if I can.

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