Is Big Chief Leaving Street Outlaws To Race NHRA – No Prep News Episode 79

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  1. Chief seems a lot more outgoing this past season and now America’s list. That’s just me though I could be wrong. But the man looks happy where he’s at. Whatever he does I’m gonna watch tho. #Listener9

  2. Surely you can do what you do without the click bait titles and ads every 2-3 minutes, so why? I saw the title to this one and knew the answer was no. Are you really trolling for views that desperately? I watch your stuff because on occasion it’s funny or I learn something I didn’t know already but I think you could grow your channel without all the BS.

  3. Great video. Keep them coming. I saw Murder Nova posting on FB that they are filming pic's of them shooting the new OG show. I am under the impression that the NHRA wants him because of his popularity but if he did move to the NHRA he can't street race anymore…..The NHRA has a BIG strict rule NO STREET RACING! they hate it. I believe Chief makes BIG money…on the street.

  4. Big Chief has already raced in the NHRA Pro Mod class with the Cromod several years ago. I remember he qualified , but was lacking the needed horse power to really complete. This years Pro-mod is faster than ever. I think his heart is NP and street racing and putting on great races. Another great video.

  5. The NHRA isn't fond of the Street Outlaws crowd. They've even threatened to revoke driver's competition license if they're seen on the show.
    Plus not even Ryan Martin's pockets are deep enough for the NHRA.
    Besides, NHRA payouts are very low, even for pro classes ($15,000 to win in nitro) so it would be a pay cut unless he won a lot in NHRA

  6. Chief’s only going if they show him real big $$ which could happem because they need to bring more fans in for the future

  7. Nhra requires serious money and big sponsors. There are lots of experienced drivers sitting on the sidelines these days. They dont make anywhere near the $ you would think. With tracks closing left and right I doubt he would ever try to go fulltime unless a literal dream opportunity landed in his lap. Plus he prides himself on tuning and driving, not really feasible when you have 75 minutes between rounds.

  8. Sim there are all kinds of no prep events going on all over the country. So forget NPK…. Report on the other no prep events going on.

  9. I did the NHRA for over Ten years. NHRA That's the real deal and It take's big money just to do that tour not counting the money the car needs. I wish Big Chief all the luck . As they say in the Top Fuel world NO MONEY no funny

  10. Big Chief I believe will not run pro mod in nhra unless he had a big time sponsor. It costs a fortune to run in the pro classes.
    Awesome episode Sam.
    I like listening to Big Chief talk about the show. I hope he runs the whole season of NPK’s

  11. Chief is going to stay where his Bread gets buttered, if he was too try Pro Mod or RVW he would need a different combination if he wanted to be competitive and Chief won't do it unless he is.

  12. I'm sick of these hypothetical click bait titles that have no relevancy. I can't be the only person annoyed thinking there is actually some breaking news happening to find out you are just throwing out another scenario that's not actually happening.

  13. My husband and I hope he doesn't leave street outlaws!!!! We were on a short vacation and got to see him in Denver where he won!!!! Was just exciting and great time!!! Dont leave us chief!!!!!

  14. Hey sim he ALREADY tried that a few years ago and didn’t fair to good, so I doubt that he would go back again

  15. Honestly, I heard that if you are street racing (present tense, I assume even televised fake stuff) you'd lose your NHRA license. I heard Chief say the last time he tried to race NHRA, he couldn't street race, while part of the NHRA. Granted I'm just assuming by the statement he said, that street racing could interfere in a bad way to the NHRA cert

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