Happy Birthday Buddy. Billy turns 25!

I managed to finish up putting the new 700R4 in the Malibu in time for Billys 25th birthday.


  1. Bless miss Vickie ❤️ she is so one of a kind, happy birthday Billy, I wish I could be 25 again, congrats on 78 thousand sub bill👍

  2. Been watching hustlin horse power channel they are hard workin no doubt how cool would it b if he builds car before dig or die and wins he deserves it so do u guys tho butbthink u like go c him win to

  3. I was sitting here watching this video and my wife says you sound like Billy Bob Thornton from bad Santa 🤣 I can never un hear this Mr bill….

  4. The Walmart section has be rolling. And that “thing” was jack skellington from “the nightmare before Christmas” a Disney movie

  5. Gotta be honest. I can't get enough of watching your channel. I do have a question. I seen your hands bill were what looked like burned. What happened??? Good luck at dig or die. Hope you bring home a win for the good guy's. Be safe. Love outta Canada

  6. Fel-pro makes gaskets for vortec heads better than factory style gaskets. They go out pretty regularly on stock setups I always replace them with the Fel-pro gaskets when I do them for my friends and family. I used them on my 383 I built 15 years ago still going strong.

  7. @SRC Garage Check with jegs about the kit Lokar has to use the column shifter with a 700r4/4L60/4L80, it makes it to where you can go all the way down to first gear

  8. Best laugh I’ve had in a long time! Feel your pain brother. This is the price we pay for having a great woman in our lives. Still…

  9. While Bill kinda thought Vicky was just buying junk at Walmart in the end she showed everyone that she knew exactly what she was doing. Kudos to Miss Vicky for a great decorating job.

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