Fastest New Gen Coyote in No Prep & No Prep Kings!

Brody Melton is the driver of this 2018 black mustang that draws so much attention in how great it looks! With subtle changes to carbon fiber pieces to exterior and a boatload of suspension upgrades this coyote gets down! It is a turbo combination and making waves in no prep. We caught up with this car during test and tuning plus grudge where he battled a turbo fox body mustang in a good matchups. Are you a fan of old school fox body mustangs or the generation coyotes? Let us know in the comments and follow our social medias for no prep racing coverage:


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  1. I love how it says fastest coyote in no prep and it's running on small tires… Shit isnt even on the same level as any of the no prep cars we see today….

  2. Natalie you are not funny whatsoever in fact you're very annoying. We appreciate the content don't necessarily appreciate your ridiculous introductions…….

  3. Great racing just just a idea think about putting a big tire on that pony a lot of pony’s going threw that engine on a small tire ;; please do not crash it in to the wall beautiful car

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