Fast Trucks at Ohio No Prep Kings!!

In this video we have a couple of fast trucks doing action at the ohio no prep kings event held at the national trail raceway. First up in the video we have that awesome 33 build from nick penwick. It is a recent build to replaced his previous one that bursted into flames. The 33 is fast but still have to work some of the bugs out. He took on a small tire turbo mustang on the first day of racing. Then we have tony mckinney who did extremely well all weekend. He drives a big tire car in the event but also made time to jump in the small tire blazer that is blown. Tony had some traction issues and did one hell of job to keep off the wall. He suffered minor damage to the blazer and will be back. Check out the video and more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Thank you guys for giving Nick and his '33 Dodge some footage. That 'lil guy works his fingers to the bone along with his Wife Maddie, she hangs in there supporting him and they do not QUIT in spite of totally losing their Dirty 30 and Nick being burnt pretty badly. The '33 Dodge is held together with a 'wing and a prayer' using salvage prt from the burned up Dirty 30 BUT keep an eye on that ride,, they'll be kikk'n til again one day soon

  2. I'm sure ya'll see the wild camber on Nicks 'Dodge. Why that is I dunno BUT my guess it's not because Nick isn't aware. He built the truck so it's there for a reason. We'll just have to watch more of his videos and learn won't we. Whut tha heck is Maddie do'n at the front just before the run? Hmm,, Nick's a trickster so we'll have to try and see what they have up their sleeveless shirts won't we 🙂

  3. We saw the Mustang rattle the tires and lift,, we as well thought Nick was a bit slow didn't we UNTIL @2:14 we see him stab the throttle and the truck immediately rattles the tires at the end of the run. The truck has power, plenty of it,, traction was the word of the day on that track so both had to turn 'em down. The Mustang just didn't turn it down enough.

  4. OMG!! The Blazer 'should' have rolled BUT the pilot did an incredible job driving and he pulled off an impossible save! WOW, That was some amazing driving!

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