Electric Cars Showing Out at EMP's Daily Driver Shootout!!

In this video we are at edinburg motorsports park in edinburg, texas. It was a daily driver shootout wihin a small tire shootout with race master jason cantu. We covered the driver’s meeting when they were going over the rules of the event and went into the first round of daily driver. In the daily driver class we saw a telsa driver who was an older gentlemen. The telsa driver was one of the fastest telsa take off we’ve seen from an electric car. It was impressive. The telsa took on a turbo mustang who broke at the burnout so they telsa eventually went on to the finals of the daily driver class against a turbo chevy truck. We thought the turbo chevy truck would just win but it was a lot closer than we thought. Check out the racing from these electric cars and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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