After ending up a great event there were 16 cars ready for the street action , second pair down things went bad . Drivers were both ok but the cars not so much ,but as a racing community we should try to help these guys rebuild there will be some info online on how to help !



  1. That was the oddest shower of sparks from a race car i have ever seen.
    Looked like sparks from a wood fire.
    That Malibu was no slouch.
    Glad both drivers walked away, real street racing on a narrow road is not joke.
    Loved it at 14:20 when I saw the semi-auto holstered.

  2. Ain't no one ever heard of letting out of it before stuff like this happens? No amount of money is worth it to not let out of it and save your car and potentially the other person's car and if the guy in the Malibu let out if it when he first started spinning and he started to go sideways the first time he would've had plenty of time to collect it and get back in it and still maybe won the race and I hate that Nick and Maddie have to go through this again when they just got this truck going less than a year ago but hey it all comes with the territory when you street race and No Prep race I know this because I grew up around street racing and No Prep before there was such a thing but with the new technology and the power adders on these cars nowadays it has gotten alot faster than it used to be well for the exception of most of the people that had really fast cars like they use nowadays on the streets those people kept their car's on the track and off the streets but with the newer generation they just don't care about anything I guess and just decide to take the risk and back then people did take risk with high horsepower cars on the streets but for alot more money than they do now but I'm just glad everyone is ok and the cars can be replaced

  3. Someone needs to start a go fund me for this man. He has been through so much this breaks my heart. He is prob to prideful and humble to do on his own. I pray sponsers step up too

  4. Idk why everyone giving this guy a hard time man shit happens dude especially in the streets just be glad mother fuckers still walking dude I don’t understand this one side bs if it was the other way around I guess folks would find a excuse

  5. good thing they werent at speed also nicks skills as a fabracator and a driver continue to educate folks on no short cuts wen it comes to saftey ,nick will b back in no time

    WELL here we are again poor nick and maddy HOW ABOUT there must be someone who doesn't race anymore with a car or just a rolling chassis that could help nick out im shore his motor is good common RACE COMMUNITY HELP A BATTLER OUT

  7. I'm glad they are ok. I think he is really lucky. That thing was kinda a POS. I know, I get it, money is an issue when racing. Hopefully he can rebuild with something safer. Roll bar did its job.
    I'm surprised we don't see more injuries with this type of racing. They are only about 6 to 8 feet apart. Then the idiots that they have to do burn outs through. And then the starter standing in front of and between these rag tag ( over powered) cars.
    I know this will hurt somebody's feelings, but oh well

  8. I think we all forget just how hard Nick works and maddy. This sport is tough enough for a healthy person yet a lot of people don’t know Nick suffers from a stomach and intestinal issue that puts him down and out or in the hospital at times. Kid lives this sport and to hear him on SRC channel just screaming he lost everything kills me so much. Glad he is ok and able to race another day

  9. Soon as homey in the Malibu started to get squarely he should of just got out of it and don’t lock the brakes up when your sideways. I know its easy to say what he should of done after the fact but its so obvious that its hard not to.

  10. Man if it was raining pussy’s Nick would get hit with a dick. The poor guy can’t catch a break. I feel terrible for him and his wife. They put everything into this truck and it’s their life. I hope that Nick can at least use most of the parts from this one on the next one and hopefully it won’t be too big of a setback for him. Does anyone know if there’s a Go Fund Me for Nick? I don’t have much but I’d donate but if there isn’t I’ll buy a shirt or something from him to try and help the poor guy out.

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