Donuts, Drag Racing and Beer!!!

Episode 167 of Mike Finnegan’s Garage is all about my trip to Tucson Dragway for the Duct Tape Drags, which is a new event put on by the track and David Freiburger. It’s a great event for anyone who wants to have a good time without spending a ton of cash to go drag racing, camping, and doing burnouts. So much good stuff happened while I was there; I met fans, watched the slowest and most competitive drag racing ever, drank some beer and even got to sign off on a new driver’s official NHRA Sportsman driver license application. Then I jumped on a plan and headed to Washington to film a new episode of Roadkill. Hope you enjoy the video! Want to help support the channel? Do me a favor and buy some merch at




  1. I give everyone props for going out and running but is this really where drag racing is headed. I mean I haven't raced in 10 years but the SBE fox with bolt ons I had would have molly whopped everything out there but the blue car… Am I missing something?

  2. Makes a great change from the more usual (twin turbo LS) content to see some historic drags. A bit lower tech and more attainable for a lot of folks to build something like this.

  3. I was there on Saturday, good times. I under estimated how many cars and people would attend, no same day racing entry. Did get to see the Chevelle and Mr Frieburger at the wheel of his 32 in the pits. Many way kool hot rods and folks. Cheers !

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