Dodge Demon dominates Street Outlaws No Prep Kings

I decided to head out to the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings daily driver event at Texas Motorplex. The rules stated that the tires must be 300 tread wear or greater so trying to put 1000+ HP down under those circumstances was difficult to say the least. It was a different story all together though for my buddy Daniel in his Demon. Watch and see what happens.


  1. I love the demon so much. I just can't believe that the current fastest stock demon is only a 10.23 after an entire year. They've only gone 9s with mods!

  2. That's extraordinary because I've always heard that the outlaw car is very quick and those guys are supposed to be the fastest street racers in the nation, so that says a lot for the Mopar and they are badass machines. It wasn't even close and it smoked the bow tie, that was awesome. I have one of the older 6.1 Challengers and can't believe how far SRT has advanced, it's primitive in comparison and they really have made some awesome advancements. What aspect ratio are the drag slicks ?, I want to put some on the back of mine and haven't decided what size I want to go with yet

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