Dean's List Showdown at No Problem Raceway!

In this video we have the dean’s list which consists of several racers from the ohio and kentucky area. The dean’s list may be the smallest group between all the racers in the no prep series but it packs a punch. Starting with its leader disco dean who drives the stinky pinky car which is a blown chevelle. We also included other members of the dean’s list which is b-rad who drives the nitrous assisted lumina known as the luminasty. Tim Brown who drives a blown probe is a part of the dean’s list and shown he has what it takes to win as he has won a team attack before. And finally we have the blown nova that brings the noise! Tony Mckinney is the driver of the blown nova and put together a couple of solid passes as you can see in the video. Check out the dean list in the video and for more no prep action check out our social medias at:


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