We have started on Clay Coles build and excited to take you all on the ride from the beginning to end starting right now with just a few pieces of tubing!!!

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  1. Camron I’m curious if you have a paint booth and what kind? I am a partner with southern automotive and industrial equipment. We are a Garmat distributor also sell anything to do with the automotive repair industry. Would love to have your business . If there is anything we can help with just let me know.

  2. Your shop will be the best race car shop in the country lot of shops in Missouri Florida will be the place to get the best. Wiring could of been the difference in 2nd place and third place for Justin I know your team will be the best.

  3. Great info as ever, one question?
    I understand about the seat clearance (cross bar) on drivers side (able to drop the seat lower) but how come the other side isn’t the same, is it lighter weight to have the (non drivers side) cross bar cutting the rear corner where it intersects the side rocker bar?

  4. All these new cars for NPK, seems an awful lot of guys are being seduced by the cash on offer for that series. Pretty soon NHRA are gonna see it as a real threat to some of their classes.

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