Big valves for 2.0? Here we go getting ready for some racing in Florida

Lots of stuff going on, Sick Seconds 2.0 will be on the Dyno soon, 1.0 gets a new back window. Ice Cream truck updates, raised 20k at Sick Day for the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan, and Tom Talk….

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  1. LET me guess, It was shipped via UPS. I can tell you UPS if you want what you are getting to be 100% dont use them. Computer i ordered box was smashed and got wet. Driver in our area i watch him step out of his truck and throw a package 20 feet or more to a door.

  2. I was not typing fast enough to get in but am hoping to be able to get in on the waitlist or just go and take pictures and video the event. It will be a fun one

  3. Tom, as someone who has epilepsy it means so much to hear about what you did. Epilepsy has taken so much from people like myself who wish they could afford to even own a sports car, let alone race. Thanks for everything you do!

  4. Amazing how complex these cars are now. Worlds away from the old dragster I used to run! A delay box and solenoid shifter were the only technology it had.

  5. Such an inspiration man my mom has been battling epilepsy her whole life and just is now getting to the point of living her life! Much love and support Tom.

  6. I remember the 1st time I saw Tom on a video. Was'nt his channel. And at the time I thought … wow, crazy fast car but Tom seemed like a super, super serious guy. He reminded me of some of my Dad's friends that had blown Hemi flatbottom boats. But as I've seen him more and more and gotten to "his" channel I see that I was so wrong with my initial impression!
    Your a good dude Tom Bailey with a big heart!

  7. Why apologize ?!
    Your probably one of the busiest people on earth.
    Do what you can when you can brother. 🤙🏼
    Oh, and gesundheit !
    Thumbs up to Kyla (?) for being seizure free. I lost a friend about 15 years ago. Unfortunately while we were talking on the telephone she had a seizure and no one around to help. This also caused a stroke and she passed before anyone could get there . Tragic .
    Keep doing what you do , it helps no matter how out only feels like a drop in the bucket at times.

  8. If the sanden compressor stock to that engine filled faster than the York the York was flapped the fawk out. The only converted ac compressor that fills faster than a York is a 60s Mopar V twin. Piles of info on finding the best York online, they're common in the 4 wheeling world.

  9. Tom you do so many things it's hard enough just keeping up with you. Let alone all you do for everyone also. Great content always busy. 🤘💯🙏👏🤜🤛👍✋👋🤏☝️🤞✌️🖐️🤝🙌💯🙏

  10. First, thanks for all your updates and the info you provide. Next, you da man. Taking all those rides to Florida from Michigan ( I think that's what you said) in February! Man that's a feat just in itself. Who knows what crazy weather you're gonna run into. Good luck now get back to work 😃.

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