Big Chief’s HUGE Announcement!!!

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  1. You know I watch all different type of videos on YouTube but mainly gun channels and car's. The videos I watch are usually adults doing the videos and this channel is the only one I watch with a kid that is in highschool but he does such a awesome job that he's usually more mature than most of the adults I watch. I'm getting to be old myself at 39 but his enthusiasm for car's and drag racing is very contagious…

  2. I reckon they might use America's list to put a team together to take on the world you would want the best of the best to represent your country just a thought keep the good work going Sim I'm watching from the land down under

  3. I seen a post and looks like Big Chief is not filming with Discovery and he will not be on the 405 show I hope there wrong so I guess we will see without Big Chief there is no 405

  4. Sorry I was late on the video you the man sim…. caddy jack and the rocky 3 setup on the crow are gonna be the top 2 small and big tire streetcars around 405 🔧🔧🇺🇸🇺🇸☠️☠️💰💰

  5. Hey sim another great video man I would love to see them take on the world but I can't see them being able to make that happen with there schedules so ain't no telling I just hope Jackie doesn't let them haters deter her from dragging there asses 😉 I'm guessing they'll do alot of small tire races with jj's crew. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  6. We are still a few years away from the BIGGEST Street Outlaws announcement.. that is this: NHRA will add the Street Outlaws CLASS of Racing, making the NHRA OUTLAWS which will replace the motorcycle class in the NHRA big 4 classes (Top Fuel, Funny Car, ProStock and NHRA OUTLAWS, sorry Pro Stock Motorcycles). The television show and Pilgrim Production will transition to DAILY DRIVERS: TAKING BACK THE STREETS.
    It will eventually happen. The Street Outlaws are “outgrowing the STREETS”(remember, there was a time that The Crow and MurderNova used to “roam” the streets looking for races) and SMALL TIRE DAILY DRIVERS will eventually be the Discovery Channels bread and butter from that point on.
    But, for now, it’s gonna be a”Best of America take on the World” seasons until the ratings slip, signaling the next Pilgrim idea, which will be the Girls and then they will transition to Daily Driver races.

  7. I think season two is gonna be alot bigger then season one only for the fact coming back from all the drama that started as the season ended. The whole axeman crying he did'nt wanna race then hiding from Chief. The fight with I can't remember his name for the life of me but the one with the nice chevy s-10. (I know his name will come to me as soon as I post this comment). And Monza has put out there that he's in the new season but did'nt say who else made it and who didn't. Anyways I think the drama alone will be enough to hype up the new season.

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